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About Us

Who We Are

We are Mass Want, a group of enthusiastic, young, and forward-thinking individuals who are committed to transforming the online shopping experience. Our team works tirelessly to discover the latest and most cutting-edge products, saving you from the hassle of conducting your own research for hours.

Our Goal?

Our goal is to establish Mass Want as the leading online service provider by offering top-notch high quality products, and exceptional customer support. You can rely on our team of knowledgeable experts to keep you informed about the latest technological advancements and stay ahead of the competition. We encourage you to join our revolution and witness how we push the boundaries of what is possible, bringing positive changes to people’s lives worldwide.

Our vision and culture

At Mass Want, we consider our values to be crucial as a Fair Business. In the 21st century, e-commerce is expected to grow significantly and become an essential sales tool. We hold the belief that e-commerce has the capability to connect people and keep them informed about worldwide happenings.

As the online retail industry expands, customers are demanding a vast selection of options, high-quality products, and reasonable prices. We are confident that Mass Want will emerge as one of the leading providers in this new era. Our core values are firmly rooted in our company policy and are vital in directing our progress and accomplishments as a Fair Business.

We strive to be the world’s most customer-centric company, where customers can effortlessly explore, find, and purchase anything they desire.

Our service and commitments

At Mass Want, we firmly believe that every penny spent by our customers should bring them joy. We are committed to providing the best prices and quality products, thanks to our distinctive business model that eliminates the need for physical stores or warehouses, which reduces costs and allows us to pass on the savings to our customers.

We consider payment security and privacy to be of utmost importance. To ensure this, we use PayPal, PayTabs (Leading payment processor that secure transactions with authentication) and SSL encryption technology to power our payment gateway, creating a secure atmosphere for all transactions and safeguarding your personal information.

The name you can trust

As Stephen Covey once said, “Trust is the glue of life,” and we wholeheartedly believe in this philosophy. It has been the cornerstone of our growth and has enabled us to gain the trust of our global customer base. We take great pride in our work, the quality of our products and services, and our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our dedication to meeting customer needs and delivering high financial returns is a testament to the value we bring to our customers. With an extensive selection of top-quality products, a highly trained customer care team, efficient and timely service, and free and fast delivery, Mass Want is the name you can count on.

Hand Made Keychain Story

We love to go outside to refresh and enjoy the weather. We always wanted to have a neat and unique keychain that is made special like nothing else ever. As we love listening to birds to make ourselves free from anxiety and stress, we came to this idea for making this type of keychain that looks like a bird and matches our requirements of creatively and unique design.

Vacuum Cleaner Story

We work most of the time at the computer. We always wanted to have a small vacuum cleaner that cleans our tables fast and without the need to plug the huge vacuum cleaner into the wall outlet or have a punch of tissues to clean the tables when we need to. We found this simple yet impressive idea and implemented it in real life, it helped us clean the tables 3x the times than before, and most importantly it saved us a lot of time.

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